Jacksonville families are still recovering from Hurricane Irma’s impact. 

How can you help?  Contribute to the Unmet Needs Roundtable.

To address the many needs that still exist in the community, the NFLTRO has established an Unmet Needs Roundtable (UNR) to consider cases for assistance.  In most instances, the cases that come to the UNR are for survivors that may not meet the criteria or priority eligibility for public assistance (i.e. Rebuild Florida).  They all represent vulnerable populations whose circumstances prevent them from recovering without assistance.

Goal:  To provide a confidential, fair and efficient process for Duval and Nassau county residents to apply for assistance from the Northeast Florida Long Term Recovery Organization (NFLTRO) in order to assist them in their recovery from Hurricane Irma.

Objective:  The NFLTRO seeks to provide “gap services” to residents affected by a major disaster in order to assist them in their own recovery.  The NFLTRO establishes this policy and these procedures so that resource grants can be provided to eligible residents who have been affected, through a fair, equitable, and compassionate process.

Policy: The NFLTRO will solicit and receive cash, building supplies, goods, services, in-kind donations and volunteer labor (i.e., resources) to benefit residents in their recovery.  These resources will be allocated to residents according to the provisions of this policy.

Process:  The Case Management Committee will review cases for consideration to ensure cases presented to the UNR meet the eligibility criteria and represent the most vulnerable, critical cases in need of resources.  The vetting process includes a review of public and private assistance already provided to the homeowner (i.e. financial assistance from FEMA, nonprofits, or other programs), status of insurance claims, the homeowners’ financial capacity to address repairs, and the scope of work and repair estimate provided by a licensed contractor.  Once the case management committee has reviewed the case, it will be submitted to the UNR for consideration.  The UNR will meet on a regular basis to hear cases and make determinations.  Once all cases are presented at a meeting, the UNR will convene privately and determine if and how much assistance will be provided for each case presented.

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