As the long-term recovery effort for Hurricane Irma winds down, individuals and organizations concerned with how we will respond to future disasters have come together to form the Duval COAD (Community Organizations Active in Disaster).

Purpose is to bring together nonprofit organizations, businesses, and governmental agencies to deliver hope and foster more effective preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery for the people of Duval County as needed in times of disaster, through:

  • Cooperation: creating a climate of cooperation, information sharing, and meeting together;
  • Coordination: encouraging a common understanding and providing a liaison with city-county government officials, as well as resource management with the community;
  • Communication: publishing and disseminating information; and
  • Preparedness: increasing mutual awareness and encouraging effective disaster-related training, policies and procedures.

Since March 2020, the Duval COAD has been convening regular calls to monitor and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and is now turning its attention to general disaster preparedness and response.  The coalition of 30+ registered member organizations approved bylaws in June and approved its Executive Committee officers and members July 1.  The COAD now holds monthly membership meetings on the first Friday of the month, which provides a forum to share resources, elevate unmet needs, and continue to develop a coordinated effort.  To get connected, email

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