As the long-term recovery effort for Hurricane Irma winds down, individuals and organizations concerned with how we will respond to future disasters have come together to form the Duval COAD (Community Organizations Active in Disaster).

Mission and Values

Building on the trust and cooperation among organizations involved with the Northeast Florida Long Term Recovery Organization for Hurricane Irma, the initial member organizations of the Duval COAD formally approved Bylaws on June 17, 2020 and an Executive Committee and Officers on July 1, 2020. The Duval COAD (Community Organizations Active in Disasters) is a coalition of government, nonprofits and businesses that brings hope and fosters more effective preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery for Duval County residents in times of disaster. Duval COAD members promise to uphold the following community values, goals and membership requirements:

  • We deliver hope and effective disaster services to Duval County residents from all walks of life;
  • We embrace the diversity of our residents and neighborhoods and seek to build connections across racial, ethnic, gender, religious, economic and neighborhood differences to care for one another as community neighbors;
  • Working together we seek to clarify roles and responsibilities among member organizations to address unmet needs, promote efficient use of resources, reduce duplication of efforts and expand community assets;
  • We are eager to share information and resources to coordinate disaster services, with special attention to our most vulnerable residents; and
  • Local civic, social, cultural and educational organizations, various businesses and industries, can all play a role in disaster preparation, mitigation, response and recovery as part of a ‘whole community’ approach to emergency management that builds more effective pathways for safety and community resiliency.

The Duval COAD will focus on actions that address specific unmet needs and gaps in services as well as foster a new culture of appreciation for all hazard risks and a commitment to resiliency through preparation, mitigation and community connections. The Duval COAD will help invent new initiatives, identify program risks and establish systems that are inclusive, accountable and productive toward their stated goals.

Operating Priorities

The Duval COAD will seek to function in at least the following operational areas in support of government disaster preparation and relief activities and to address unmet community needs:

  • Mass Care, Bulk Distribution, Mass Feeding
  • Sheltering, Temporary Housing, Special Needs Transportation
  • Logistics, Staging, Warehousing
  • Volunteer Management
  • Donations Management
  • Human Needs Assessment, Case Work
  • Emotional and Spiritual Care

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